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  • Safety

  • Safety Creed

    "Safety is not just a regulatory requirement. Safety is a moral obligation.  It is a trust we owe our employees, their families and those who associate with us.  It must be the cornerstone of every business venture we initiate."

  • Safety and Health

    HSCC believes the health, safety and well being of our employees, our associates and those who may visit our sites is of paramount importance. We also consider the environmental stewardship of our lands to be a key element of our business practice. With these two points in mind, HSCC considers safety to be an integral objective in every operation we take part in.

    No job is so important, no task so urgent that we cannot place safety at the cornerstone of the project.

    Our dedication to safety starts at the top and is expected at every level of management. This is not a goal, but a condition of employment. Every employee shows their commitment to the continuous improvement of our policies by ensuring the following:

    • That no operation will be conducted unless it can be performed in a safe manner.
    • That continuous safety education and training is conducted and promoted throughout our company.
    • That we comply and exceed where feasible with all applicable federal, state, and municipal regulatory compliance standards. We make every effort to ensure our subcontractors follow these standards as well. In addition, we will work with government and industry organizations to develop common sense standards that will positively impact our workers and our industry.
    • That we conduct independent evaluations of every site and the performance of site management as it pertains to this policy.
    • That we hold management accountable for all infractions, including accidents, injuries and omissions and consider every incident preventable.
    • That we conduct pre start up safety meetings with every subcontractor and relay our expectations and safety commitment to them.
    • That we develop a best safety management plan for every job prior to mobilizing.
    • That we conduct weekly safety meetings at all of our locations and require all subcontractors to do the same.
    • That we implement an effective drug and alcohol prevention program throughout our company.
    • That we investigate every accident and incident for preventable causal factors.
    • That we reward safe employees through recognition and incentive programs.
    • That we regularly and realistically evaluate our safety efforts for effectiveness and their ability to meet our expectations.

    HSCC considers safety not only to be a regulatory compliance issue, but also a commitment to our employees and their families to provide a safe, healthy and dignified work environment.