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  • Core Values

  • Teamwork

    HSCC has learned the key to success with any project is having a strong team built around excellence, trust and focus on the common goals of every stakeholder.  Having performed numerous design-build projects, we have engaged Owners, Architects, Engineers, Subcontractors and Vendors around this concept of creating and maintaining a Teamwork attitude.  This has on every occasion been a successful Core Value to all parties involved in our projects.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is an uncompromising adherence to the lofty values, beliefs, and principles. Acting with integrity means considering the welfare of others.  In our opinion, integrity in business or in an individual is not something that can be ‘learned’. It is not a subject to be taught – rather it must exist as an essential trait in the persons working in a company to make the whole set up of the company trustworthy. Integrity in business must, like all vital traits, start at the top. Employees emulate what they see the leaders doing and if they perceive their leaders being dishonest and lacking integrity, this is the culture that will permeate throughout the company and without doubt be extended to customers. Integrity is not a tactic or strategy – it must be a given – it is about dealing with customers, with a conscience that sifts the right from wrong even if the customer is unable to make out the difference.

  • Commitment

    Commitment is by definition - a willingness to give ​your ​time and ​energy to something that you ​believe in, or a ​promise or ​firm ​decision to do something. HSCC is committed to give our time and energies to every project, every stakeholder, and every employee to make our projects successful and our workplace safe, healthy, dignified and productive.  We are also committed to quality, excellence, teamwork, integrity, continuous improvement, and trust building.